There, I Fixed It


Winter Oldsters Have to Get Around Somehow!

walker winter snow snow plow - 6691920384
By Dar-Kfrei

Snow Shovelling 101

broom snow - 6990280448
By rivercola (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Ice To See You

safety first snow winter - 4577023232
By Jonathan D

There, I Hid It

deliveries snow there I fixed it packages - 7983293440
Via SpokeyDokey_


drive thru fast food sign snow - 3013280768
By sheofennui

Our Aquatic Repairman

frozen hole ice snow - 6035293952
By Unknown


car mod snow vintage VW bug - 2980350720
By Unknown

Unfortunately, It's Front Wheel Drive

abomineering awesome snow winter - 4288889088
By Dar-Kfrei
russia snow snowmobile snow plow - 47084801

The DIY Russian Snow Cleaner

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There I Fixed It: Plow Jester

bicycle bike DIY g rated snow snow plow snowplow winter - 5530459904
By Unknown

Jack Frost's Winter Will Blot Out The Sun

flashlight shovel snow winter - 5553431296
By Unknown


car mod plow snow use what you have - 2957640192
By Rural Ohio

No Windshield Wipers Required

snow there I fixed it - 8017170432
By Unknown
snow table winter Video win there I fixed it - 84187137

No Shovel? No Problem!

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It'll Be Fine...

telephone poles snow there I fixed it - 8003414016
By Mike P

Avalanche Prevention

holding it up safety first snow winter - 4547792896
By Sue
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