There, I Fixed It


Start shredding with that skateboard, you wouldn't want to be a lamo. If you ever tried to ollie and fell spectacularly, these boarding memes and jokes are just for you.

Bamm-Bamm Grows Up

DIY scooter skateboard woody - 4892304128
By Unknown

The Lowrider

skateboard - 6061828608
By Unknown

Keyboard Skateboard

skateboard keyboard - 7136023040
By burkybang

Flat Tire? No Problem!

gifs skateboard - 6522891520
By _C_A_T_

It's So Cute When Teenagers Move Out

cars moving day skateboard - 5244446720
By Unknown

Swing or Die

skateboard swing - 6458724608
Via Recyclart

Dammit, Ebay

dangerous skateboard wheels wtf - 4405493248
By Rob73


bicycle frankenstein skateboard unsafe - 3379483648
By Unknown