There, I Fixed It


Lol What Are Faucet and How Does I Into Them?

drinking fountain sink bathroom faucet bathroom sink - 6797219072
Created by techietee ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

The Dual-Purpose Faucet

bathroom bathtub faucet sink water - 6151013632
Created by TrishtheStalker

They're Such a Supportive Team

duct tape faucet holding it up plumbing sink - 4644289024
Created by Unknown

Almost There, UK!

Hall of Fame plumbing sink wtf - 5815580928
Created by Leano

Stow And Go Hygiene

bathroom duct tape sink - 2912926464
Created by Bexcina

They Were A Little Short On Repairmen That Day

faucet sink - 5971932416
Created by Unknown

Tub Too Big

water tub sink faucet - 6929595392
Created by Unknown

Measuring Your Water Usage

fountain kitchen plumbing sink - 5297240320
Created by Ray

Why Fix It When You Can "Retro"-Fit It?

pencil sink faucet - 6833416704
Created by Karen Iuppa
sink Video - 40387329

Chewbacca Reincarnated as a Sink

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Who Needs a Plumber?

plumber sink pipes - 7044064256
Created by ssausik

The Romans Would be Proud

bathroom kludge plumbing redirect sink solo cups toilet - 4422678272
Created by Otter

Who Let Genius Guy Near the Faucet?

water sink faucet - 6999228416
Created by Unknown

Sink Fail

college dual use kitchen kludge sink - 5073175552
Created by Mario ( Via )

They Don't Pay Janitors Nearly Enough

cleaning clever mop plumbing Professional At Work sink - 4770242560
Created by Unknown

So You Can Wash Your (Cue) Balls

bad puns holding it up sink - 5249964800
Created by fraudeath
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