There, I Fixed It


faucet plumbing sink Video water weird wtf - 20574209

He's a Thirsty Little Guy

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They Were A Little Short On Repairmen That Day

faucet sink - 5971932416
By Unknown

The Romans Would be Proud

bathroom kludge plumbing redirect sink solo cups toilet - 4422678272
By Otter
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I've Always Wondered How Sinks In Poland Work

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kitchen sink Steampunk wood - 3089092608
By Unknown

Tub Too Big

water tub sink faucet - 6929595392
By Unknown
Hall of Fame not a kludge sink Video wtf - 22270209

Not-A-Kludge: Spatial Interaction Sink

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Lean Back! Lean Back!

holding it up kitchen kludge sink - 4372773888
By Unknown

Measuring Your Water Usage

fountain kitchen plumbing sink - 5297240320
By Ray

It's a Toothbrush! It's a Drinking Fountain!

bathroom bathroom sink drinking fountain Hall of Fame sink toothbrush - 6325196288
Via Amron Experimental

The Fantastic Faucet

bathroom faucet sink water - 6129980160
By MidnightRAT

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

bucket kitchen sink sink tub - 6496540672
By webwiz

Ductape is Also Known as Plumbers-Tape

plumbing sink duct tape - 7402347776
By Stewart Seidel

Great, Now We Have to Sue You

duct tape plumbing sink - 5711132160
By Allen

The Lazy Leak Solution

bathroom downspout leak sink - 6091603200
By Unknown


bathroom bucket hose sink - 3515621632
By Unknown
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