There, I Fixed It



brick fire hydrant Professional At Work sidewalk tax dollars at work - 3610866432
Created by Unknown

Sidewalk Repair

sidewalk funny spray paint there I fixed it - 7728368640

Just ONE Job...

pole sidewalk funny there I fixed it g rated - 7483809280
Created by BeccaRae2013 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Thanks for the Heads Up

sidewalk - 6755519232
Created by gillvdv1


plumbing Professional At Work sidewalk tax dollars at work video game - 3706036736
Created by Unknown

Did They Even Try to Make It Blend?

sidewalk street tiles - 6078324224
Created by Unknown

Did You Really Need the "H" Taped Over? Think About It.

sidewalk south - 6342420736
Created by Monet

My OCD Sense is Tingling

bricks concrete ocd sidewalk g rated there I fixed it - 6878878464
Created by Unknown

Nope, Not Gonna Move It. Too Lazy.

concrete tree sidewalk laziness - 6865033728
Created by VictorKN

Do You Mind? We're Trying to Play!

bball basketball sidewalk - 6749133824
Created by Unknown