There, I Fixed It

side mirror

At Least This One Doesn't Have a Handle Sticking Out

cars duct tape there I fixed it side mirror - 7902383616
Created by Lucky

A Cracked Mirror is Better Than Nothing

side mirror rubber band cars funny tape there I fixed it - 7445323520
Created by Unknown

More Than Just a Hand Mirror

side mirror rope cars there I fixed it g rated - 7864583424
Created by tetaplah.b.ami

Perfect Match

side mirror cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7870176256
Via therealsteelman

Objects in Mirror...

side mirror cars plastic wrap funny tape there I fixed it - 7774561792
Created by Olivier B

Close Enough

side mirror mirrors cars funny there I fixed it - 7510541568
Created by shuyu567


car duct tape mod rearview side mirror - 2965860608
Created by Unknown

Mirror, Mirror On The Door...

broken cars dual use mirror side mirror - 4818557184
Created by buzzstrike

Since There Aren't Really Public Ashtrays Anymore

side mirror cars there I fixed it - 7846880000
Created by PhantomHourglas

The King of Blind Spots

cars locked up mirror side mirror weird wtf - 4828043264
Created by Tawhid


broken car mod sharp side mirror - 2995820288
Created by kgusta

Duct Tape > Wyoming Winds

side mirror cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7899996416
Created by derick

And it Won't Peel the Paint Off

side mirror cars tape there I fixed it - 7863126784
Created by LyokoTravels ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Hopefully It Heals Quickly

side mirror cars bandages there I fixed it - 7856300544
Created by Kisa

Going Through His "Cool" Teenage Years

cars dual use glasses side mirror sunglasses - 4830817536
Created by bob