There, I Fixed It


Let's get some shoes. Shoes are what separates us from a banana. That and a few genetic twists. Shoes have become a global sensation for young and old collectors alike. If you're all about that footwear and everything that has to do with it, fantastic. But not flip flops or sandals, get out of here with that nonsense.

One Man's Trash...

dual use Hall of Fame neat recycling shoes tires - 5495987456
Created by Unknown

Shoes are Expensive, Yo

shoes funny paper clips - 7677082624
Created by Heather

Who Will Save Your Sole If You Won't Save Your Own?

shoes DIY good as new - 7480917248
Created by Unknown

Ziptie Chic

zipties shoes - 7066643712
Created by Comi

Duct Tape: 1, Steppe: 0

shoes duct tape there I fixed it - 7717804544
Created by Guido

The Boots Are Made For Drinking

bottles dual use shoes waterproof - 5151825664
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

I Guess I Just Have To Steal Both!

flip flops locked up shoes stupid wtf - 4728726528
Created by Unknown

Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootzips

boots hope it holds shoes zip ties - 4061085184
Created by Unknown


cautionary fail shoes - 4224691712
Created by SeattleBrad

Gives the Term "Foot of the Table" a Whole New Meaning

shoes table table legs - 6833146368
Created by Dea1hh

The Sneakiest Ride

bad puns bicycle dual use Hall of Fame shoes - 4512825088
Created by Unknown

Invited Too Many People to Dinner

shoes there I fixed it tables - 7978986240
Created by zwmm01

This Idea Doesn't Have a Leg to Stand On

shoes shopping cart - 6720031488
Created by Unknown


fans kitchen shoes toaster - 4159316224
Created by Unknown

The Opposite of Athlete's Foot

can dual use poll shoes soda string weird - 4795887360
Created by Unknown

Because Screw Shoe Laces

shoes zipties - 6589666560
Created by banner2010
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