There, I Fixed It



jar propped up shelf unsafe - 3560170496
Created by amyocum


computer stand Kludge Professional At Work projector ruler shelf - 3837111552
Created by Unknown

It Always Starts With "Don't Worry Honey, It's Just Temporary"

drill shelf - 6465568512
Created by J Chow

The Pillars of the Kitchen

desk kitchen shelf table - 6156463104
Created by haywire

That Old Broomstick Really Came in Handle!

broomstick handle rack shelf towel rack - 6137370368
Created by SLattier


bathroom printer shelf shower - 6519399936
Created by Miss Dealing with it

TIFI WIN: No More Propping the Last Book Up Against the Stack

block books bookshelf Hall of Fame shelf - 6209388800
Via Neatorama

Guaranteed For 30 Days or 30 Pounds...

shelf duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7788756736
Created by beernbiccies

Why Move Something When You Can Drill Through It?

bookshelf drill pipe PVC shelf - 6515435520

No Wall Mount? A Shelf Mount Will Have to Do

flatscreen HDTV physics shelf TV wall mount - 6528567040
Created by Michael Kean

The Gaffer Shelf

duct tape shelf - 6436152064
Created by Sigurd Carlsen