There, I Fixed It


Not Impressive, All I Use Is My Pinky

car repair dangerous holding it up screwdriver tools - 4697293056
Created by Code_E

Mad Science Monday: We Need A New Letter In The Alphabet To Name This Battery

batteries Mad Science Monday screwdriver technology tools wtf - 5206702592
Created by L MICHAELIS

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

adapter battery electricity plug screwdriver socket - 6057747712
Created by Unknown

Reception is a Little Screwy

radio reception screwdriver - 6008770304
Created by Unknown

Pull Here To Break In

dual use hinge screwdriver tools - 4917131264
Created by Whit Martin-Whitaker

A Screwdriver Should Do It

cars screwdriver there I fixed it - 7960303872
Created by remitche

"Screwed" Up Installation

screwdriver - 6673983744
Created by Todd

Stabbing, Now a Fix

dual use screwdriver thermostat tools - 4704730368
Created by Unknown

What Is This Thing?

screwdriver tools wtf - 4583691264
Created by rhiannonthewolf

Thanks Flatty!

screwdriver - 4893709824
Created by Unknown

The Socket Screwdriver

screwdriver socket wrench - 6002566144
Created by Unknown

The Scrammer

hammer screwdriver - 5934952448
Via Schoolhouse

Screw, Screwdriver. Same Thing.

cars dual use hood screwdriver tools - 4621155840
Created by Unknown


antenna radio screwdriver - 4327027968
Created by EETxFUK ( Via )


car headlight make it work screwdriver - 2945901568
Created by Unknown

Screw You, Corn!

corn corn on the cob screwdriver - 6696939008
Created by earowe
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