There, I Fixed It


No More Computer Bugs

bad puns computer dual use screen - 5239168256

She Wanted a Windscreen

car doesnt-work-like-that mod screen tied together - 3303361024
Created by Unknown

Screen Refuses to Stay Down?

projector screen - 7039624192
Created by yoshi1277

A Picture's Worth 1000 Gigabytes

flatscreen frame laptop picture frame prop screen stand tablet - 6063331584
Created by Shard

Strapped for Cash?

broken screen duct tape hinges laptop screen - 6147290624
Created by deathert

The Interesting Alternative to the Blue Screen

broken computer monitor screen - 6036537344

HAH. Mine is "15.4" Inches.

laptop laptop screen screen - 6891593216
Created by Cwazywazy

O Lord of Kludges

bedroom computer Hall of Fame monitor screen - 6210566656
Created by Unknown

Monitor Maladies

broken screen laptop laptop screen screen smartphone - 6215872768
Created by Max


ceiling computer hanging screen tied together - 3680527104
Created by Unknown