There, I Fixed It

road signs

Road Sign Kludge: More Uncomfortably Fun Furniture!

art chair dual use furniture not a kludge road signs - 4795258624
Via Tim Delger

Hopefully That's FINALLY Clear Enough

road signs traffic lights there I fixed it - 7963640320
Via Izismile

Somehow I Doubt This Will Get Me Where I Want to Go

road signs there I fixed it - 7828194048
By thenasch

So That's What They're Reinforced With

dual use holding it up Professional At Work road signs - 4568517888
By rebuspop

That Explains It

road work road signs funny there I fixed it - 7742860544
By craig.pitts

Looks Like Juvie's Making The Road Signs Now

art road signs signs tax dollars at work - 5149205760
By MaxFalletta

It's Not a Trap, I Promise!

lamp post parking lots road signs - 7085444352
By Unknown

I Feel Like We're Just Going in Circles Here

crosswalk paint road marker road paint road signs - 6602071296
By Unknown