There, I Fixed It


Public Restroom Toilet - America Edition

restroom bathroom toilet - 6997830144
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Whoever Did This, You Should Try Kludging More Often

bathroom Hall of Fame restroom sink there I fixed it toilet urinal - 6320503552
By Unknown

Wait Just a Minute...

bathroom restroom urinal - 6133557248
By Unknown

Putting the Pedal to the Piddle

public restroom bathroom public bathroom restroom toilet urinal - 6296475136
Via Reddit

Can I Get Some Privacy?

bathroom restroom road trip - 6280328192
By Unknown

You Tried...

drainage restroom garbage trash bin sink bathroom - 7055106048
By Geekgrl47

The Circle of Life

after 12 bathroom keg restroom toilet urinal - 6253173504
By Unknown

Dual Purpose Equipment Isn't Always a Good Thing

urinal restroom bathroom toilet - 7019320832
By Sergio

"Hey Man, This is Gonna Be Awkward. Let's Put Up a Divider."

bathroom restroom toilet - 6478491136
By Unknown

Sweet Outhouse, Bro

public restroom bathroom outhouse restroom toilet - 6449869568
By Dirk

Pillbottle Floatball Upthrust

bathroom bottle drainage restroom toilet toilet tank - 6265919488
By Rácz János

Toilet Under Construction

bathroom Hall of Fame honey bucket outhouse restroom toilet seat traffic cone - 6184468736
By Unknown

In-Style Tiles

bathroom bathtub origami paper restroom shower tile tiles tub - 6320015360
By Hellf0rged

Big Holes, Anyone?

bathroom hole in the wall restroom tank toilet toilet tank wall - 6276514560
By Tripointlogic