There, I Fixed It

remote control

holidays kids remote control Video - 21375745

Happy Father's Day!

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The Remote-Controlled Remote Control

stereo remote control - 6841890304
Via Reddit
iphone remote control technology Video - 16830465

Not-A-Kludge: A Not-So-Remote Island

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Okay, The Remote's Fixed, Fantastic!

aluminum foil remote remote control tin foil - 6226985728
Created by Dr_Vano

Universally Utilitarian!

remote remote control - 6745784576
Created by Unknown

Nickel-Plated Fix

batteries dual use remote control - 4957635584
Created by R.Melo

This Took Years of Memorization

dual use remote control television - 5079869440
Created by xBenny78x

The Redneck Remote

remote control remote redneck - 6681543936
Created by Unknown
flying lawn mower remote control Video - 34774017

So, It Has Come To This...

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Steering Wheel Controls Take a Step Back

remote control steering wheel zip tie - 5396097024
Created by Bratster