There, I Fixed It


Infinite Energy 2.0

cable plug - 5971251712
Created by Unknown

Go Plug Yourself!

electricity plug socket wires - 6140033792
Created by Unknown

An American in London

adapter cord outlet plug - 6358654976
Created by frank-n-blaster


plug car hood cord bumper - 6893397760
Created by Unknown

Plug Redundancy

plug laundry socket outlet washing machine - 7132373760
Created by Glenn

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

adapter battery electricity plug screwdriver socket - 6057747712
Created by Unknown

Interrupting the Circuit

plug outlet electricity - 6922801920
Created by devilfish13

The Ladder Has the Power Now!

cord electrician ladder plug - 6089052672
Created by Erikli

After a Daring Escape, Extension Cord is Very Tired

extension cord outlet plug wtf - 5097069056
Created by elfo222

Just Can't Get Enough!

plug socket outlet - 6766382848
Created by Unknown

Shockingly Stylish!

outlet plug poorly dressed ring socket - 6610534656
Created by Unknown

Get Fit or Die Tryin'

cable cord extension cord gym plug workout - 6517521920
Created by Babydick

Time to Buy a New Power Strip

fire plug power strip - 6458771200
Created by Unknown

Plug It In, Plug It In!

adapter charger Hall of Fame outlet plug power strip socket - 6185876224
Created by GalderGollum

Safety First!

cable electricity outlet plug socket tree wood - 6086985472
Created by facusan77

Lol How Does I Adapter?

adapter cable g rated plug there I fixed it - 6422687232
Created by Unknown
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