There, I Fixed It


I Should Be a Plumber

plumber shower bath bathtub bathroom pliers g rated there I fixed it - 6747879168
By thatguyonherenow


clamp clothespin kitchen sink Mission Improbable pliers - 3107748864
By Unknown


Mission Improbable pliers wiring - 2886459136
By Unknown

Makeshift Tongs

silverware pliers duct tape there I fixed it - 7816542976
By rsardachuk

Pool Pumps for Chumps

pliers tools - 6488165888

Pliers Make Great Temporary Handles

keys rubber band pliers funny there I fixed it g rated - 7804685568
By Maid_of_Light

There, I Handled It

cooking handle kitchen pliers stove - 5724235520

But Have You Tried Resetting It?

dual use holding it down pliers Professional At Work - 5426956032
By RussWilde


car mod pliers - 3516625920
By Unknown

Teehee, Dutch Ovens...

pot pliers - 6883882240
By lacyrobinson

Lock, Locking Pliers, Same Thing

cars dual use locked up pliers vice grips - 4588261120
By Lynol

I Think It's In Gear

dual use pliers Professional At Work tools - 4511957248


nom pliers Popcorn support - 3683751168
By Unknown

Stop the Presses!

pliers - 6895588608
By Colleen

Steering Wheel Schmeering Wheel

cars pliers funny g rated there I fixed it - 7684740096
By fecnde (Via Jonathan Turley Blog)

I Can't HANDLE This!

doors zip ties handles pliers - 7168079104
By leotb
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