There, I Fixed It

plastic bag

It Delivers What It Promises

duct tape plastic bag waterproof - 4473466880
Created by Unknown


backpack plastic bag recycling-is-good-right vacation - 3447955968
Created by Unknown

Racing Stripes

car door masking tape plastic plastic bag - 5965622272
Created by cupfeet

Great Idea, Poor Execution

air conditioner computer repair cooling plastic bag - 5184605696
Created by gustavsen


flashlight motorcycle plastic bag - 2985587456
Created by itsbenford

Actually, I Might Have to Try This One

clever DIY Hall of Fame plastic bag water bottle - 4401336832

Not The Bag of Coke He Was Looking For

dual use food plastic bag soda wtf - 5202139392
Via Reddit

Putting the "Buff" in Water Buffer

bag pipe plastic bag water - 6266004480
Created by Martijn