There, I Fixed It


Racing Stripes

car door masking tape plastic plastic bag - 5965622272
Created by cupfeet

Dishes Are Done... FOREVER!

dishes dishwasher kitchen plastic - 6610543872
Created by Unknown

Insulated AND Aerodynamic!

aerodynamic plastic rear window - 6546934272
Created by Chip Krusemark

You Always Forget 1 Thing When Camping

camping cooking dual use food plastic - 4961790208
Created by Unknown

Your Tail Light Is Leaking

plastic tail light - 5931435264
Created by Unknown

Works Just as Well as a Roof

bricks house plastic roof - 4155168768
Created by Caleb

Shhh, Don't Tell Him About Condensation

bottles dual use duct tape hose plastic - 4876320256


internet Kludge lol plastic Professional At Work zip tie - 3607404800
Created by Unknown

It'll Block Bad Air All Right!

plastic - 6332248320
Created by Unknown

Your Roof is Sagging

car roof plastic plastic wrap roof saran wrap - 6187875840
Created by Unknown

Helps it Run at 14% Efficiency!

air conditioner duct tape plastic tape - 4847438080
Created by SkinnyWhiteboi

Recycling is for the Birds

clever plastic recycling - 7400349440
Via Instructables

Mountain Broo

bottle broom mountain dew plastic two liter - 6137848064
Via Pense de Novo
bottle Kludge plastic toilet Video - 6402049


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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Body Repair

cars wood plastic there I fixed it - 7841015040
Created by Wookin_pa_nub