There, I Fixed It


From PVC to Eternity

pipes PVC pvc pipe - 6492272640
Created by stu


hot tub Kludge pipes - 3913494016
Created by Bill

Building a Staircase From Pipes

pipes staircase - 6087047168
Created by facusan77


Kludge Mission Improbable pipes poll - 3804219904
Created by Unknown


label Mission Improbable pipes - 2962877440
Created by Unknown

Support Shovel

support pipes - 7168226560
Created by AmiGreen

Finally Ready For Winter

zip ties insulation pipes duct tape there I fixed it - 7994085888

Oh Danny Boy!

faucet pipes plumbing sink - 6243053824
Created by Kamil the Plumber

Make Your Own Menorah!

pipes there I fixed it g rated - 7925643008
Via ManMade

At Least It's Better Than All Those Wooden Ones?

cars roof rack pipes there I fixed it - 7909440256
Created by jsweaz

Kettle in the Pipe Unit

heating kettle pipes - 7105544448
Created by Unknown


Kludge MAD SCIENCE monster pipes PVC - 3605670400
Created by Unknown

I Need To Shut Off The Water! Just Give Me 5 Minutes!

fire hydrant overkill pipes plumbing tax dollars at work - 4801139456
Created by mandrappa

Who Put This Wall Here?

walls bathroom pipes - 7087793152
Created by Dan

Pipe Master

home repair plumbing pipes funny there I fixed it - 7768793856
Created by TG

Redirect Those Annoying Drips

zip ties pipes funny air conditioner there I fixed it - 7770692096
Created by Unknown
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