There, I Fixed It


Check the paper, you might be there. 

I Don't Think You Understand The Concept of Round

paper pool pool table Professional At Work - 4753000192
By Unknown

iPhone Rocket Amp

paper funny tape there I fixed it iphone - 7774111744
By joet409 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Nothing Unseemly Happening Back There

door Office paper wtf - 5674893568
By MatiasAkea

Nothing Beats Paper, Good Ol' Paper

Close Enough lock paper security wtf - 5796320768
By austin.gillis

Close Enough

zip ties cars paper bumper there I fixed it - 7875691520
By Unknown

Paper Strikes Again!

cars dual use paper wtf - 5798182656
By flpimpn

In-Style Tiles

bathroom bathtub origami paper restroom shower tile tiles tub - 6320015360
By Hellf0rged

Tech Support

android cell phone iphone origami paper smartphone stand - 6068922112
By Honeypots