There, I Fixed It


After a Daring Escape, Extension Cord is Very Tired

extension cord outlet plug wtf - 5097069056
By elfo222


dangerous electricity lazy outlet - 4153603840
By Old_Radio_Collector

I Don't Know What Going On Here, But I Approve

electricity extension cord outlet - 5427114496
By Unknown


electricity keys outlet shocking - 4716410880
By Vanos_Ira

Interrupting the Circuit

plug outlet electricity - 6922801920
By devilfish13

Misplaced light switch

socket light switch outlet electrician - 7117676544
By Alex

Plug Redundancy

plug laundry socket outlet washing machine - 7132373760
By Glenn

The First Signs of Electricity Theft

electricity holding it up outlet power tape wtf - 4481154304
By geha714

Safety First!

cable electricity outlet plug socket tree wood - 6086985472
By facusan77

Stupidity Level: Over 9000

plug socket outlet - 6795228672
By Unknown

Just Can't Get Enough!

plug socket outlet - 6766382848
By Unknown

Shockingly Stylish!

outlet plug poorly dressed ring socket - 6610534656
By Unknown

LED is On, That's All That Matters

Electrical tape electricity LED outlet - 4332822528
By Unknown

The Neighbors Strike Again!

electricity neighbors outlet theft - 5191588352
By Unknown

Oh That's an Interesting... Wait What?

electricity outlet wtf - 5696582912
By Unknown

They Should Never be Left Alone

air freshener outlet overkill - 5768362752
Via @Justkarri
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