There, I Fixed It

not a kludge

"Fix" The Door, Fool Everybody

clever not a kludge tape - 5072322560
Via Reddit

Not-A-Kludge: Good Thing It's Not a Hemi

cars coffee table dual use engine Hall of Fame not a kludge - 4538665728
Created by Кирил

Remember Fixers:

not a kludge safety first signs - 5027468544
Created by Unknown

Proper LAN Party Party Attire

computer repair neat not a kludge organization poll - 5365012480
Created by Mr_iT

Grow Your Own Fence

fence not a kludge trees wtf - 5351269120
Created by Unknown


instrument messy not a kludge piano - 3879450112
Created by pictizm

Screw Driver

corkscrew drinking dual use not a kludge wine - 5292697088
Created by Unknown

BBQ In a Briefcase

bbq cooking Hall of Fame not a kludge wtf - 5408100352
Via I Heart Chaos

Taking The Easy Way Out

neat not a kludge - 5869745664
Created by Amstrad
clever locked up not a kludge security Video - 24619009

Secret Knock Detector

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Not-A-Kludge: Ikea Hamster Habitat

cage ikea not a kludge - 4675850752
Via Ikea Hackers

Lego Kludge: And I Thought My Seat Was Uncomfortable

art bicycle bike clever creative lego not a kludge - 4767237632
Via Automotto

Not-A-Kludge: Scooter Powered Caravan

camping not a kludge scooter towing - 4700203008
Created by Unknown

Real Sustainable Eaters Grow Their Own Tables

furniture neat not a kludge - 5626618624
Created by Unknown

Well Freaking Done!

awesome book lamp neat not a kludge - 5854369280
Created by Unknown

Softcover Collectors Pay No Heed

neat not a kludge - 5805796352
Via Etsy
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