The Wholesome Inspiring Story of Tamale Guy

Communities have their local legends. Whether it's a dude with a weird haircut who's hung out on the same corner for 40 years, or a mythical bringer of late-night tamales, people like this become a fixture of local culture. Even if you don't know the person, their fame can travel by word of mouth and they become a kind of real-life myth. Here's the tumultuous but uplifting recent story on the Tamale Guy. For something nice, here are some wholesome memes for a little boost.

Wholesome Tamale Guy Story | Charlie Rohrlack Allow sing song Chicago last twenty years, should find yourself at bar drinking late stood chance being visited by Tamale Guy. This unassuming hero named Claudio Velez would enter carrying red cooler, weaving between tables, plying his steaming hot cornpipes with one-word question Tamales Our Tamale Guy suffered economic effects COVID-19. No bars, no crowds. This his families main source income, so he quickly pivoted, and began make home
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