There, I Fixed It



computer fan dual use neat Office office supplies overkill - 4644923136
Created by Unknown

Kids These Day Think They're so Clever

dual use neat unnecessary - 5847879680
Created by el.carl2

Is This Why The Coats Are Under The Sink?

garbage holding it up neat - 5391442432

It's More Recyclable This Way

computer repair monitor neat Professional At Work - 5011887872
Created by Jeff Eichert

The Ultimate Glue Decision Chart

glue graph neat not a kludge - 5444128512
Created by Unknown
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One Printer You'll Never Get Frustrated With

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Mad Science Monday: Almost as Good as a Bionic Arm

DIY Hall of Fame Mad Science Monday neat - 5863175936
Created by Meatpuppet

Who Will You Call?

neat not a kludge phones - 5850345728
Created by Unknown

Show Off Your Skills: Make A Book Lamp

Hall of Fame lamp neat not a kludge - 5801463808
Via Typewriter Boneyard

Escaping The Flood

boat dual use furniture g rated neat there I fixed it - 5750509056
Created by Unknown
africa cute Hall of Fame neat toy Video - 30336513

The Cutest Little Kludgers

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Sup Babe, You Like What You See?

art neat not a kludge statue - 5843686144
Created by Unknown

All it Needs is Some Cat Hair Brush Attachment

cardboard cleaning neat vacuum - 5835415296
Created by Everton
engine Hall of Fame neat not a kludge Video - 28867841

All Glass Steam Engine

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Meet Murray, Your Leaf-Collecting Best Friend

lawn mower neat rake - 5466624256
Created by Gary70


computer repair neat not a kludge - 5843694336
Created by Unknown
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