There, I Fixed It


Junk In The Trunk is an Understatement

moving overkill safety first truck wtf - 4514038528
Created by Robert K

OK, Tape the Dresser in And Go!

moving there I fixed it g rated - 7910749952
Created by explosivetemper

Van Rental is a Thing, You Know...

bike moving moving van van - 6566089984
Created by Unknown

Driving Through BBQ

barbecue moving Professional At Work safety first - 4551939072
Created by crackheadATX

Moving Day

moving there I fixed it g rated - 7894712320
Created by anselmbe


moving tied down unsafe - 3033235968
Created by Robert Phoum

Another Sign You May Need A Truck

holding it up moving television trunk TV - 4598485760
Created by Unknown

Engineering Students, Ready To Move In

cars college dangerous moving towing wtf - 4545207296
Created by eric_c

Don't Worry, They're Tied Down Really Tightly

FAIL cars mattresses moving funny there I fixed it - 7486040320
Created by mk

But Where's the Indian Guide?

boats cars moving safety first wtf - 4442172928
Created by CSTOOS
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