There, I Fixed It



dangerous microwave tin foil - 4165340672
By El

That Handle Can Be Used Elsewhere

duct tape funny microwave there I fixed it - 7751940608
By Unknown

Just Go With It, All Right?

crate milk crate microwave - 6729453056
By Unknown

A Shockingly Good Fix

electronics kitchen kludge microwave - 4837337344
By Alexandre Tabajara Souza (Via

Need to Fix an "Open" Button on the Microwave? I Think You Nailed It

button door hammer microwave - 5716510464
By Ben Finney

The Word's Most Expensive Microwave

apple products dual use food Hall of Fame laptop microwave - 5081103360
Via Bit Rebels


cage lock microwave - 3510642432
By Unknown

Bombs Away!

storage roof rack microwave - 7106738688
By Unknown

Screw Your No Microwave Policy

DIY dual use g rated hotel microwave there I fixed it - 5595917056
By Unknown


appliance mailbox microwave - 3546110464
By Unknown

Getting a Handle on the Situation

door handle microwave - 6810436352
By matt
Hall of Fame microwave neat not a kludge Video - 29555201

LOL While You Nuke

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Microwaves! Ha!

frying pan microwave stove tin foil - 6425938688
By Archer842

Redneck Window Washing Solutions, LLC

cabin microwave refrigerator step ladder - 6170159872
By Leeanne


computer microwave Mission Improbable mod work - 3499209728
By Unknown

Just Be Yourself

in the kitchen microwave unnecessary wtf - 4502991360
By kc8nod
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