There, I Fixed It


My Christmas Tree is Shinery Than Yours

alcohol beer christmas lights - 5599849984
By Unknown

Not-A-Kludge: Jarringly Beautiful

art chandelier creative lights not a kludge - 4394970880
By Unknown

The Light! It Burns!

DVD hipster lights - 4325797888
By Unknown

How Are the New Cabinets Working Out?

cabinets lights there I fixed it - 7937977344
By Maren

What to Do With Those Extra Wall Sconces

trailers lights there I fixed it - 7840834048
By Unknown


computer laptop lights - 4197189888
By Unknown

Take That, Gravity

electricity holding it up lights rubber band - 4337331968
By bootysweat47

Fluffy Fix

dual use electricity lamp lights - 4933729024
By Katie

Outdoor/Indoor Chandel... Wait What?

chandelier flashlight holding it up lights - 5469137920
By johninfl

Blends in Perfectly!

christmas trees there I fixed it lights - 7948432640
By Tina

What? You HAVE to Have Tail Lights? FINE!

lights pickup pickup truck tail lights truck - 6467809792
By keeayy

Classic: A Light Dawned On Me

coat hanger dangerous electricity lights - 4696077056
By Snake73

There, I Lit It

trailers lights duct tape there I fixed it g rated - 7834508800
By Robert Bloomfield

That Rustic Look

green energy lightbulb lights - 5181217280

A Bright Idea

lights hospital there I fixed it - 7826081536
By nmichalo

There I Pranked It

lights cords g rated there I fixed it - 7318223104
By Unknown
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