There, I Fixed It


After 20 Minutes it Doubles as a Heater

electrical fire g rated Hall of Fame laziness lightbulb safety first there I fixed it - 5764640768
By Unknown

Not-A-Kludge: That's Just Unsettling

awesome product clever lightbulb not a kludge - 4606324736
By Unknown

The Maintenance Guys Are Serious About Safety

ladder lightbulb g rated there I fixed it - 6970408704
By DoctorTwo

DIY Lightbulb Changer

bottle plastic bottle lightbulb - 6970418688
By Meatpuppet

How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take to Screw in Some Aesthetics?

g rated lamp light light fixture lightbulb there I fixed it - 6032402688
By Unknown


fire hazard lightbulb overkill - 2945463296
By Daniel Rutter

It's Like High School Physics Class All Over Again

lightbulb - 6814895616
By Unknown

Lightbulbs Can Be Hard to Come By

chain lightbulb - 6320322560
By Unknown

What is This "Couch Potato" Term You Speak Of?

light fixture lightbulb - 6841873152
By Unknown

Zombie Apocalypse Lightbulb

zombie apocalypse lightbulb g rated there I fixed it - 7125991168
By pedretta


bathroom electrical hazard lightbulb shower wire - 3573577984
By Unknown

Vases: They're Not Just For Flowers Anymore

lamp light lightbulb - 5954386176
By Kyle West

This Gives Me a Terrible Idea

lightbulb Professional At Work sketchy - 5013239296
By Joseph

You Had ONE Job to Do!

lightbulb - 6527132160
By Unknown


car green energy lightbulb truck - 4115758848
By Tyler

Safety First!

bike bottle light lightbulb motorcycle - 5737729792
By Unknown
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