There, I Fixed It

light switch

Those Light Switches Are Always So Dirty...

soap dispenser funny there I fixed it light switch - 7803927040
By Unknown

This Looks Better There

light switch - 5553426176
By Unknown

They Were All Out of Double Panels

light switch - 6925841920
By Unknown

Was Going to One More Hardware Store So Difficult?

lazy light switch lighting lights Professional At Work - 4447837952
By rutiitur

Thank God For Termites

contractor light switch whoops - 5444172288
By Dylan

A Few Screws Loose?

light switch Electrical tape funny there I fixed it - 7762145280
By Cass

Misplaced light switch

socket light switch outlet electrician - 7117676544
By Alex


computer parts frankenstein light switch - 4283226624
By xtort-


light switch Mission Improbable school - 3308015616
By meatmachine

You Know What? Up Yours Too, Building Management!

g rated light switch switch there I fixed it - 6405723648
By jmdougherty

You Wanted a Shower In The Living Room, Right?

bathroom light switch Professional At Work shower wtf - 4431462912
By Unknown

Light Switch Extension

light switch pole - 7120103424
By HenryUTA

Ozarks Multi Cover Plate

light switch - 7038601472
By scottsturm


light switch Mission Improbable - 3202041344
By Unknown

We've Been Forced To Use 1/6 Power

contractors green energy light switch - 4519468032
By Unknown

Measure Twice, Install Once

light switch switch tiles - 6468059392
By UnQ
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