There, I Fixed It

light fixture

Safety Third!

light fixture light stairwell - 7064312832

Light Fixtures Getting Too Hot?

fan light fixture - 6401655808
By Unknown

You Can Hardly Tell the Difference

light fixture funny chain there I fixed it paper clips - 7761893888
By AdmiralCelestia (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take to Screw in Some Aesthetics?

g rated lamp light light fixture lightbulb there I fixed it - 6032402688
By Unknown

Fire Hazards Shouldn't Be Taken "Lightly"

light fixture light lightbulb - 6908357120
By Vanos_Ira

What is This "Couch Potato" Term You Speak Of?

light fixture lightbulb - 6841873152
By Unknown

Light Secured? Check!

light fixture lamps chains - 7116067584
By AdamJ