There, I Fixed It


No Leak Can Withstand the Mighty Holding Power of Duct Tape

leaks duct tape funny - 7571906304
By Unknown

Craftsmanship is Overrated

buckets leaks there I fixed it - 7958138624
By Heliopolis

Pwned by a Cone

leaks funny - 7685373184
By Atair Silva Jr.

Moisture Solution

ceiling leaks - 7244785920
By Caracara

Fixed the Leaky Roof

tires leaks roofs - 7364963328
By paula.m.smolik

Gas Leak? No Problem!

leaks pipes duct tape there I fixed it - 7995348224
By Kevin

Better Than a Simple Bucket

duct tape leaks there I fixed it - 7963353856
Via Acid Cow

Fixing Some Leaks

roof leaks gutter drain g rated there I fixed it - 6830496256
By Gardome

Trickle Down Theory

road cones leaks funny - 7645323008
By Allen

(Psst. . . It's Upside Down)

leaks funny - 7629411072
By Unknown

Water Redirection Mastery

tarps leaks - 7370607872
By Unknown

Might Need Another Piece of Tape

leaks pipes funny tape - 7521950464
Via Cheezburger iOS Builder