There, I Fixed It


Leaky window

bucket leak tube window - 4418885632
Created by Steve

The Lazy Leak Solution

bathroom downspout leak sink - 6091603200
Created by Unknown

There's a Hole in the Ceiling, Dear Liza, Dear Liza

bucket ceiling Drip leak - 6373658624
Created by Unknown

Maxi-mum Fixing

leak - 6288160768
Created by thebluejackal

Leak? No Problem

leak pipes there I fixed it - 7904390912
Created by Andy
cars driving leak win there I fixed it - 75833089

These Drivers Can See the Silver Lining in a Leaking Pipe, a Free Public Car Wash

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Raindrops a-Fallin' on My Head! Hey Wait a Minute...

bucket leak leaky roof roof - 6345774592
Created by Unknown

Good Thing He Chose Plastic

bag leak leaky water - 4262877952
Created by Junk List

The Only Thing You Need on a Rainy Day

umbrella roof leak there I fixed it - 7845826560
Created by Jan

Plumb Out of Ideas

bathroom drainage Drip faucet leak toilet - 6339834880
Created by NOCHnoch

It's Not Leaking In Your Cubicle Anymore

leak Professional At Work trash - 5174989568
Created by Degenerate Scholar

How the Subway Fixes Leaks

leak garbage bags there I fixed it Subway - 7961876480
Created by Galatz


Kludge leak washer washing machine - 3969103872
Created by Unknown


leak Mission Improbable roof umbrella - 3563466496
Created by Unknown


bathroom leak pipes plumbing - 3667933952
Created by Unknown


leak Professional At Work technology umbrella - 4193332736
Created by Unknown
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