There, I Fixed It


Inelegant, But it Works

lamp wiring there I fixed it DIY - 7720017152
Via quadzillion

The Lamp You Can Sing Into

cheap lamp musician - 4307385856
Created by Vook

Isn't This What Lamp Shades Are For?

holding it up lamp light - 5590466048

Don't Let the Burn Marks Deter You Gents From Buying This

lamp - 6327973632
Created by Unknown


fancy hanging lamp lighting - 4140134400
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electricity fire hazard lamp - 4318711296
Created by D3V011

A Little Too Much Lean

lamp lamp post post - 6542250752
Created by superawesomeme

TIFI WIN: The 10-Speed Lamp

bicycle bike handlebars lamp tifi win - 6537253888
Via Les Pompadours


green energy lamp light bulb - 3447659520
Created by Unknown

Well Freaking Done!

awesome book lamp neat not a kludge - 5854369280
Created by Unknown

The Pixar Lamp Lands a Full-Time Gig

lamp neat not a kludge - 5838723328
Created by Unknown


art lamp neat not a kludge - 5827161088
Created by Unknown

Not-A-Kludge: Piped Lamping

art clever lamp not a kludge - 4692477184
Created by Unknown

Homemade Night Lamp

lamp - 6838847744
Created by Elemental Code

Some Things Aren't Worth Fixing

dual use electricity frankenstein lamp wtf - 4510535168
Created by Unknown

If It's a Mountain Dew Bottle, You Don't Even Have to Plug it In

DIY lamp lighting - 4440838144
Created by Daria
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