There, I Fixed It

kitchen kludge

Please Don't Ask For Beans For Dinner

cans holding it up kitchen kludge - 4903289856
Created by Pfahli

The Cutting Board App Is Very Expensive

apple products dual use Hall of Fame ipad kitchen kludge - 5247930624
Created by Unknown

Everything Works Better With a Chain

chain kitchen kludge oven stove - 4564728320
Created by Phaewryn

Someone Cracked Under Pressure

cooking holding it down kitchen kludge vice grips - 5375638784
Created by geha714

Helps With Trimming The Fat

cooking drill dual use frankenstein Hall of Fame kitchen kludge scissors - 4550477056
Created by Morakot ( Via )

He Really Drilled That One

cooking dual use kitchen kludge sports - 5007845888
Created by usaeagle

Authentic Foil-Brick Pizza

food kitchen kludge oven pizza - 4728302592
Created by skaduskitai

Core 2 Toaster

appliance fan kitchen kludge overkill toast - 4843264768
Created by ZachSeale ( Via )

Even The Laid Back Ones Work Their Share

chair holding it up kitchen kludge - 4368987136
Created by Unknown

A Study In Slow Pouring

dual use kitchen kludge package - 4755471872
Created by Meatpuppet

Can You Please Turn Off the Cabinet?

dual use kitchen kludge knob wheel - 4808177664
Created by -HAPPYCAT-


candles cooking fire kitchen kludge - 4717688576
Created by Unknown

A Shockingly Good Fix

electronics kitchen kludge microwave - 4837337344
Created by Alexandre Tabajara Souza ( Via )

That Faux Cardboard Is Really Catching On

cardboard cooking Hall of Fame kitchen kludge stove - 5397016576
Created by BigWhiteGuitar

3.4G Antenna

antenna cell phone kitchen kitchen kludge - 4700215552
Created by danielnerytondo

Grilled Cheese Gun

cooking dual use kitchen kludge - 5344273408
Created by Creedo67
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