There, I Fixed It

kitchen kludge

The Measure of a Good Brew

coffee dual use kitchen kludge ruler - 5498893568
Created by Butchmanring

Authentic Foil-Brick Pizza

food kitchen kludge oven pizza - 4728302592
Created by skaduskitai

Please Don't Ask For Beans For Dinner

cans holding it up kitchen kludge - 4903289856
Created by Pfahli

3.4G Antenna

antenna cell phone kitchen kitchen kludge - 4700215552
Created by danielnerytondo

Grilled Cheese Gun

cooking dual use kitchen kludge - 5344273408
Created by Creedo67

At Least Now My Dishwasher Is Supposed To Smoke

dual use kitchen kludge smoker - 4353234176
Created by Matt Cantor

Someone Cracked Under Pressure

cooking holding it down kitchen kludge vice grips - 5375638784
Created by geha714

Nothing Comes Between 2 Guys And Their Protein Shake

blender drill dual use kitchen kludge - 4661996544
Created by xester

Dad's Cooking Makes it Essential

cooking kitchen kludge toilet paper - 4375117312
Created by Unknown

This Definitely Measures Up

bad puns clips kitchen kludge ruler - 4404493568
Created by Hahn93

No Wonder My Pizza Always Turned Out Wrong

cooking food kitchen kludge wtf - 4388176384
Created by Dmitriy

A Shockingly Good Fix

electronics kitchen kludge microwave - 4837337344
Created by Alexandre Tabajara Souza ( Via )

The Right Way To Make Pizza is Any Way

cooking dual use iron kitchen kludge - 4923642368
Created by Riga Style ( Via )

Protip: Gas Ovens Work Better

fan heating kitchen kludge - 5638149120
Created by Coloc1


candles cooking fire kitchen kludge - 4717688576
Created by Unknown

That Faux Cardboard Is Really Catching On

cardboard cooking Hall of Fame kitchen kludge stove - 5397016576
Created by BigWhiteGuitar
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