There, I Fixed It



its-a-truck-now school bus towing - 4918225152
Created by Unknown

But We Don't Want To Ride The Short Bus!

bus its-a-truck-now school bus - 4903779840
Created by thehollowclown

The Beetle Keeps Evolving

beetle cars its-a-truck-now VW - 4887861760
Created by El Costeño ( Via )

The Original Caddilac Escalade EXT

cars its-a-truck-now wtf - 4534841344
Created by ejd1984

When You Find a Better Half, You Hold on to It

cars its-a-truck-now towing wtf - 4616611072
Created by netwizard2003

Extreme Makeover Sport Trak Edition

car frankenstein its-a-truck-now truck - 4331182592
Created by Unknown


car its-a-truck-now Kludge truck wooden bumper - 3988444672
Created by mtgrenier

Your Interior is Showing, and It's Not Pretty

cars its-a-truck-now wtf - 5839784192
Via SgSpecial180

Volvo or Pickup?

cars its-a-truck-now poll woody wtf - 4516073984
Created by GLUE

Obama Really Need to Work on His Tour Bus

cars its-a-truck-now wtf - 5847227136
Created by Unknown

Tran? Vuck?

cars its-a-truck-now wtf - 5699478784
Created by Finland

The Trunk Thieves Strike Again

cars its-a-truck-now woody wtf - 4690429440
Created by Unknown


cars its-a-truck-now jeep towing - 4203086592
Created by PonoBill

Wanted a Pickup

dual use its-a-truck-now pickup - 4702578944
Created by wendidking


dangerous food hauling its-a-truck-now safety first - 4773577472
Created by digows

Rear Woodow

its-a-truck-now towing woody wtf - 4716861440
Created by ever1ast
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