There, I Fixed It


But The Width is PERFECT!

air conditioner cardboard it-fits - 4936974080
Created by Calculon000

Almost Looks Like It Belongs

air conditioner fans it-fits - 5211552768
Created by Bosdojo

Comes With Custom Curtains!

ac air conditioner curtains home improvement it-fits laziness - 4810955008
Created by minty2608

When you run out of drainpipes...

drain gutters home improvement it-fits - 5055070464
Created by GaiaSpawn

In Kludging, There Is No Try

computer computer repair it-fits PC - 4805422848
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

Updating Your Entertainment Center

cut holes it-fits television - 5217163776
Created by littlesizzler

A Smaller Hammer Was Out of the Question

hammer it-fits tools - 4430999040
Created by Unknown

Every Stool Has Its Place

chairs dual use it-fits - 5206323968
Created by Unknown

Holding Cup with a Cup in the Cup Holder

american cup holder it-fits - 4374830336
Created by Mikewayno