There, I Fixed It


How to Spot an IKEA Burglar

chairs furniture highway ikea moving stacking - 6233630976
Created by Unknown

Ikea: Not Even Once

assembly chair Hall of Fame ikea - 6423319040
Created by Unknown

Cardboard Box Chic

box ikea - 5975179008
Created by Unknown

Channeling the Master

assembly furniture ikea macgyver - 6153389056
Created by Unknown

This Thing Has Great Shelf Life

computer case cooling g rated ikea there I fixed it wtf - 5803478272
Created by crotalidae

Easiest Ikea Hacks Ever

furniture ikea funny - 7409338112
Created by engleshen ( Via )

We All Have Our Special Skills

ikea couch box categoryimage - 6640931072
Created by Owl

Look Ingmar, No Hands!

ikea - 5901506560
Created by Unknown

Surprise, B****!

bunk bed couch ikea Inception sofa - 6209882624
Created by Unknown

Go Home Ikea, You Are Drunk

drawer ikea g rated there I fixed it - 6901114880
Created by Unknown

The Ever-Dymanic Tertial

hack Hall of Fame ikea neat not a kludge - 5675755264
Created by Unknown

Xmas Tree a La IKEA

christmas tree ikea - 6910547968
Created by Superbeast860

IKEA Must Have Had a Reason to Seal Their Toilets...

ikea funny there I fixed it toilets - 7784171520
Created by jimmi ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
FAIL ikea Video - 9436417


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bed cheap ikea Kludge milk crate recycling-is-good-right storage - 3786458624
Created by Unknown

Ikea Never Includes The Spoon Spacers

batteries dual use ikea technology - 5508976896
Created by Javi Fraguel
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