There, I Fixed It


Receptions Problem Solved

signal hotel antenna reception - 6771336192
Created by Tero

Scratch That. Measure Once, Cut Twice.

bathroom hotel toilet - 6389855744
Created by Bogie

Still Better Than Room Service

coffee machine cooking dual use food hotel - 5384528384
Created by Kdawg

You Can a Cap on My Head, But Not My Warmth

dual use holding it up hotel shower - 5683214592
Created by reedlawson

The Ergonomic Hotel Workstation

hotel ironing board computer - 6991265024
Created by pjt008

Hot AND toasty...

cooking dual use hotel - 5271419648
Created by drivinglights

Cheeziest Motel Ever

hotel refrigerator - 6916376320
Created by markanson

Spotted at a Hotel in the Big Easy

hotel - 6154822656
Created by T-Milli

What Do You Do When Your Hotel Has No Fridge, And You Need to Store Beer?

air conditioning beer garbage hotel - 6509610496
Created by jrice315

How Many Kludges Can Fit in a Single Toilet Tank?

bathroom flusher hotel screwdriver toilet - 6524786432
Created by Catherine

How Convenient!

hotel phone - 4153301504
Created by Bounty_98

Screw Your No Microwave Policy

DIY dual use g rated hotel microwave there I fixed it - 5595917056
Created by Unknown

Well Played, Sir

cabin hotel mobile home - 6196817152
Created by CapnSmite