There, I Fixed It

hot water

Pool Too Cold?

cold hose hot hot water pipe pool range stove swimming temperature - 6263854848
By tamatisk

Just Don't Turn On That Other Burner

hot water kitchen kludge stove wtf - 4855541248
By Alexander[ru]

Hot Water? Wait a Second...

stove sink hot water faucet - 7118279168
By amakay


car hot water mod pipes use what you have - 2972729600
By Unknown

No more cold showers!

candles kludges hot water showers g rated there I fixed it - 7147211776
By geha714

We Have Hot Water Now!

hot water faucet there I fixed it - 7994141184
Via Engineering Jokes on Facebook

Feel the Heat

hot water shower - 6214818304
By Alfredo

No Hot Water for Nine Days, So I Made This!

hot water Kludge shower - 6591042304
By squadette