There, I Fixed It


Erector Set Fix

headphones there I fixed it - 7948140032
Created by Unknown

The Headphone Cam

headphones headset microphone webcam - 6287662592
Created by Unknown

Anything for the Frags

computer duct tape headphones headset - 4386583808
Created by Unknown

These Headphones RULE!

headphones ruler - 6421399296
Created by reedlawson


bathroom headphones recycling-is-good-right toilet - 3306052608
Created by Unknown

Untangling The Mystery

earbuds headphones tangled zipper - 6070948096
Created by Unknown

Made in 'Merica

pencil headphones xbox 360 - 6830998016
Created by mr_monoicle

They're Big and Clunky Already

DIY electronics headphones - 5783310848
Created by Unknown

The iBud Mini

earbuds headphones - 6874903040
Created by Unknown

Beats by #HavingNoMoney

ipod headphones iphone - 6898519296
Created by blawruk

Not the First Time a Sock Has Been Used to Make Something Bigger

socks hello kitty headphones funny - 7635085824
Created by Unknown

Nothing Will Stop This Raid, Nothing.

clip computer computer parts dual use headphones microphone video games - 4772906240
Created by Condor81

More Head, Less Phones

headphones speakers categoryimage - 6632478976
Created by Unknown

Headphone Splint

headphones there I fixed it - 7919089408
Created by le_boss36 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


headphones speakers - 6683268608
Created by anotaai


battery headphones Mission Improbable mp3 player - 3566940928
Created by mmxsse
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