There, I Fixed It


If It's Microwave Safe, It Must Be Highway Safe

cars driving duct tape headlights - 4442129408
Created by Unknown

Are They Automatic?

headlights flashlights car repairs - 7336442624
Created by Unknown

Don't Mention His Lazy Eye

cars duct tape headlights - 4468298496
Created by daghtus

It's Cool, We Got Zip Ties

zip ties headlights car repairs - 7170548992
Created by Emmm


baking car headlights - 4223595008
Created by DaleR2010

Psycho-Billy Crown Vic

headlights car repair - 7308042240
Created by Unknown

Duct Tape is to Cars What Braces Are to Teeth

car lights headlights duct tape - 6875799040
Created by LaurzBUrger

All Strapped In

headlights cars there I fixed it - 7874774272
Created by Dragonhand

If Pirate Ships Had Headlights

car lights headlights wood - 6561062912
Created by cjbrou

Bottled Lightening

bottle headlights cars plastic bottles funny - 7604836096
Created by Unknown

Good as New

bumpers headlights cars funny g rated there I fixed it - 7655394816
Created by Unknown

Double The Lights, Double The Safety

bumper repair cars headlights russia - 5378575104
Created by Unknown

Not Exactly a Bright Idea

headlights cars duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7732600576
Created by bikehead

Did... Did You Just Print Out a Picture of a Headlight?

headlights car repairs g rated there I fixed it - 7353143296
Created by Unknown

Extra Headlights

headlights car fix car fail - 6626011904
Created by Lestopher

Resisting Any "This Fix Rocks" Puns

car fail car fix car lights headlights rocks - 6219113984
Created by Brandon Kirkwold
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