There, I Fixed It


Bottled Bright Ideas

bottle headlight jug water cooler water jug - 6253910272
By Unknown

The New Headlight Doesn't Quite Fit

car bumper car fix headlight - 7135693824
By tennbob

Headlight + Hotglue = Watertight

glue gun headlight hot glue - 6974443776
By HeadlightGlueGuy

When You See It....

flashlight headlight scooter - 4461099776
By Ulrich

Redneck Marker Light

headlight redneck - 6900989184
By Dragynne

Headlight Alignment Was Too Low

car fail duct tape headlight - 5954732800
By gwalter (Via Google+)

You Almost Got Away With It

cars dual use headlight plastic bottle - 4775346944
By j3r3mias

Do You Wish to Overwrite Previous Reflector?

CD disc headlight motorcycle - 6591111936
By Unknown


duct tape flashlight headlight motorcycles road trip - 4145835264
By myjackpony

We Can Drive It Home Now

headlight scooter flashlight motorcycle - 6718178304
By geha714


headlight duct tape - 6805604864
By AnonymousCoward.III

No Headlight? No Problem

car fix headlight flashlight - 7383329024
By Unknown

One More Thing To Talk About at The Water Cooler

cars dual use headlight - 5467307776
By John

Feeling Lightheaded?

flashlight headlight - 6425622016
By Ross Evans

Yar, I Fixed It!

Pirate suv headlight - 6701756160
By Unknown

Hot Melt Headlight

glue gun headlight hot glue - 6704296704
By LuisTombo
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