There, I Fixed It

g rated

chainsaw g rated gun mod there I fixed it Video YT video zombie - 32821249

AK Chainsaw

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Simple, Classic, Effective

cars duct tape funny there I fixed it g rated - 7486188544
Created by Fluwijn

Moving Priorites

g rated laziness moving day television there I fixed it video games - 5795065088
Created by el.carl2

Now It's an All-in-One Dining Experience!

grill toilet funny there I fixed it g rated - 7553839616
Created by GlobalFunny

After 20 Minutes it Doubles as a Heater

electrical fire g rated Hall of Fame laziness lightbulb safety first there I fixed it - 5764640768

Stick a Fork in It

car repairs cars funny forks g rated there I fixed it - 7667314688

De-Icing the Refrigerator

refrigerator fridge g rated there I fixed it - 6967385600
Created by Unknown

We Have a Slight Clogging Problem...

drainage g rated Hall of Fame kitchen sink sink there I fixed it - 6454028288
Created by TheWonderLizard

Too Bad Pink Leather Isn't a Thing

convertible car seats g rated there I fixed it - 6726640640

Lifestyles of the Rich and Evicted

moving funny g rated there I fixed it - 3746132480
Created by Larry

Oversize Loads: Road Jenga

g rated junk oversize loads there I fixed it truck van - 6399596800

Fixed Glasses

glasses paperclip g rated there I fixed it - 7037623296
Created by granduha
cars Video g rated funny there I fixed it - 52982785

The Classic Fart Exhaust Mod

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Snack-Related Threats Fix Everything

vending machines there I fixed it g rated - 7844546048
Created by Aeshel

Looks Like The Divorce Turned Out Well For Him

car DIY g rated moving day overkill there I fixed it towing - 5644375296
Created by Unknown

A Chain is Only as Good as it's Strongest Link, Right?

funny chain g rated there I fixed it - 7446688512
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