There, I Fixed It


epic furniture Hall of Fame MAD SCIENCE raft Video - 25894657

They Thought of Everything, Except Pizza

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Road Sign Kludge: More Uncomfortably Fun Furniture!

art chair dual use furniture not a kludge road signs - 4795258624
Via Tim Delger

Throwing a Wrench in The Plans

dual use furniture tools wrench - 5464269568
Created by Sandy in Fishy

A Paletable Use of Ikea Legs

dual use furniture ikea - 5042383616
Created by Unknown

Portable Relaxation for Hipsters

bicycle bike chair dual use furniture weird wtf - 4801605376
Created by christellar

This is Going to End Super Well!

car car fail furniture moving oversize load television TV - 6179803136
Created by Unknown

I Knew This Phone Would Be Useful Again

furniture funny - 7635038720
Created by Unknown

A Good Day At The Swap Meet

furniture - 5997235200
Created by billkex

Sitting, Another Alternative To War

dual use furniture guns war - 4945559040
Created by -Ghost-


cardboard cardboard box furniture - 4207154432
Created by handyman walla

A Forklift Driver's Retirement Gift

dual use furniture neat pallet - 5493611520
Created by ekinria

Not-A-Kludge: This Looks Comfy

dual use furniture not a kludge shopping cart - 4732426240
Created by Unknown

The Unwobbable

chairs furniture holding it up wtf - 5478681600
Created by buildinatree

Love Your Car Seats? Now Enjoy Them at Home!

furniture car seats cars funny - 7626915840
Created by AnassRhammar

Wheelchair, The Early Days

dual use furniture wheelchair wtf - 5277884928
Created by stephen

How to Spot an IKEA Burglar

chairs furniture highway ikea moving stacking - 6233630976
Created by Unknown
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