There, I Fixed It


Check the fridge, there's a cool breeze that shouldn't be there. These chilly puns will have you thawing that heart in no time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Water Cooler Refill

broomstick fridge refrigerator water cooler water jug - 6583719936

Closet Upgrade

closet dual use fridge - 5027477760
By BrookeMary

Hidden Cabinets

cabinet cabin fridge - 6815727872
By petur_

Doo the Doo

ac air conditioning freezer fridge mountain dew refrigerator soda - 6544657408
By Roadtrip

Duct Tape, 1; Gravity, 0

fridge duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7767726592
Via coldcokeandfreehugs

Care For Some Ice Wine?

beer fridge ice snow winter - 5386007808
By Unknown

Missing Fridge Shelf? No Problem!

refrigerator fridge - 6821012992
By hafuko

Fridge Fix

wood fridge funny there I fixed it - 7803459072
By Melonheaddan

De-Icing the Refrigerator

refrigerator fridge g rated there I fixed it - 6967385600


air conditioner cooling fridge Kludge - 3791304448
By Unknown

Love A/C But Hate How Energy Efficient They Are?

air conditioner dual use fan fridge poll - 5042052352
By Josh

Is Your Fridge Running?

dangerous driving fridge moving day wtf - 5074689024
By CaffeineCarl

College Student Air Conditioning

ac air conditioning college college student fan freezer fridge refrigerator - 6454572800
By Room133


bad idea fridge ladder moving day unsafe - 3679225344
By hugemanatee

The Classic Dorm Room Fridge

college dorm dual use fridge - 4912004096
By TobyK123

The Snaxbox 360

fridge refrigerator xbox 360 - 6079371520
By Unknown
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