There, I Fixed It


Outdoor/Indoor Chandel... Wait What?

chandelier flashlight holding it up lights - 5469137920
By johninfl

A Curiously Strong Pocket Flashlight

flashlight neat not a kludge - 5500263680
Via Craft Zine

Makeshift Bike Light

bikes Electrical tape flashlight there I fixed it g rated - 7905505536
By Roy

Jack Frost's Winter Will Blot Out The Sun

flashlight shovel snow winter - 5553431296
By Unknown

No Headlight? No Problem

car fix headlight flashlight - 7383329024
By Unknown

A Fraction of the Power

headlight flashlight - 7095822336
By Scott Young
batteries flashlight Video - 38374401

You'll Never Need Batteries Again!

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We Can Drive It Home Now

headlight scooter flashlight motorcycle - 6718178304
By geha714

A Member of The Iluminati

dual use duct tape flashlight - 4671336704
By deeztheripper

Let There Be Light

flashlight duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7796602368
By Unknown

I Hope His Glovebox is Full of Spare Batteries

dangerous driving duct tape flashlight - 4391672832
By Unknown

You Know, There Might Be a Knob For That

cars driving dual use flashlight - 4525598976
By roarzabimaru


flashlight Kludge string tape - 3804140544
By Unknown

Mad Science Monday: All Mad Scientists Use The Same Microscope Brand

flashlight holding it up Mad Science Monday Professional At Work tape - 4776301056
By Lothar

Ohhh, You Said Homemade FLASHlight

flashlight gross Hall of Fame sexy - 4371983616
By Unknown

Feeling Lightheaded?

flashlight headlight - 6425622016
By Ross Evans
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