There, I Fixed It

fire alarm

Now There Can't Be Any More Emergencies!

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cautionary fail fire alarm Professional At Work - 4257468672
By Johnny T

Just Run for the Stairs and Yell "FIRE!"

alarm emergency fire in case of fire fire alarm - 6930265344
By DashieSpeed

No Fires Today, It's Thanksgiving

emergency fire alarm safety first tax dollars at work - 3761863680
By Unknown

Silent Fire Alarm

alarm fire fire alarm - 6763808768
By DemonicZ

In Case of Fire, Cut Tape

masking tape fire extinguisher fire alarm - 6954023936
By dcmodder

Fire Alarms Should Not Be Flammable

fire alarm flammable Professional At Work safety first - 4493176832
By tomcatt817

Don't Knock It Til You Try It

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By Christian Fischer

Please, Please, Let This Be A Joke

air horn fire alarm Professional At Work safety first - 4461591552
By Unknown

In Case of Fire... Well...

Emergency Exit fire alarm - 6893918976
By Jon

Five-Star Fire Alarms

fire fire alarm glass hammer in case of fire - 6291799296
By Brian Bridges

Old School Fire Prevention

fire extinguisher fire alarm bucket - 6918336256
By Dave

In Case of Fire...

in case of fire fire alarm - 6849729024
By zcatNZ