There, I Fixed It


Almost as Good as One Air Conditioner

fans funny there I fixed it air conditioner - 7402496512
Created by DCarter

He's Fan Of Extra Power

bad puns dual use fans motorcycle - 5364846336
Created by Unknown
cooling fans Hall of Fame Professional At Work servers technology Video - 25649665

Data Center Cooling, The Dexter Way

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That Should Hold It

fans duct tape there I fixed it - 7896493568
Via sherlockiandevotion

2-For-1 Fix

computer computer fan computer repair dual use fans laptop lego - 4792158208
Created by drimacoustic

Almost Looks Like It Belongs

air conditioner fans it-fits - 5211552768
Created by Bosdojo

You Can't Go Wrong If The Fan Is Bigger Than the PC

computers fans overkill - 4389916672
Created by Nahun Cury

Or Money, Either

computers fans Memes there I fixed it - 7923225344
Created by sahr.kanjama

The Pen is Mightier Than the Fan

rubber bands pens fans there I fixed it - 7872219392
Created by Jaxinc

A Fantastic Repair

car repairs cars fans funny - 7683224832
Created by Unknown

Who Said Computer Fans Had to Be Internal?

computers fans there I fixed it - 7857231616
Created by Angel

Mad Science Monday: Separated At Birth, Reunited At Work

dual use duct tape fans frankenstein MAD SCIENCE Mad Science Monday - 4450842112
Created by NIR_Goober

My Husband "Fixed" His Fan With an Old Broom Handle

zip ties fans - 7369180928
Created by Karen Bowman

Because a Riding Mower Takes So Much Effort

ac chores fans lawn mower unnecessary - 4415070976
Created by craftsmanracer

Do Your Fans Rattle Too Much?

dual use fans holding it up - 4376465152
Created by Carlos

It's 101 Degrees. Slap Another Ice Pack on There.

fans funny air conditioners - 7685253376
Created by Unknown
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