There, I Fixed It

extension cord

After a Daring Escape, Extension Cord is Very Tired

extension cord outlet plug wtf - 5097069056
By elfo222
electricity extension cord house Video wtf - 16650241


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A Festive Extension Cord

christmas lights extension cord there I fixed it - 7373848320
By edegner

I Don't Know What Going On Here, But I Approve

electricity extension cord outlet - 5427114496
By Unknown

I'm Not Going To Be The First One To Try This

electricity extension cord outlet safety first wtf - 4809576704
By zebulonjohn

They Know Their Target Demographic

cord extension cord - 6578352128
By John (Via Boing Boing)

Someone Was Left Home Alone

dual use extension cord - 4316970496
By Timothy Hall

Get Fit or Die Tryin'

cable cord extension cord gym plug workout - 6517521920
By Babydick