There, I Fixed It



cell phone electronics guitar - 3618929664
Created by Unknown

Rust Assured That This Isn't Hazardous at All!

computer fan electronics fan rust - 6261026304
Created by Noctis.Ignem

Too Lazy to Buy a New Mouse

computers electronics mouse string - 5737945856
Created by Alexander

Separated At Birth

adapter cables electronics solder technology - 5439631104
Created by Unknown

So Much for Efficiency

electronics graph repair screw - 5732738304

C- Battery

battery doesnt-fit electronics - 4692293120
Created by Unknown

A Shockingly Good Fix

electronics kitchen kludge microwave - 4837337344
Created by Alexandre Tabajara Souza ( Via )

The Circle of Lives

electronics nintendo video games wtf - 5693803264
Created by AKALink

Teaching Them Young

cars electronics holding it up kids parenting - 5826978304
Created by Unknown

They're Big and Clunky Already

DIY electronics headphones - 5783310848
Created by Unknown

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Apple product dual use electronics food ipod - 4864333824
Created by Unknown


computer repair dual use electronics flashlight laptop - 5396074752
Created by Juanito

More Complicated Than a Sex Change

adapter electronics outlets plugs - 4416260608
Created by shoxcorp

MacGyver Goes on Vacation

charger dual use electronics macgyver - 5591980544
Created by anewman

Driving in Stereo

cars driving electronics Music speakers - 4469006848
Created by Unknown

Size Never Matters

batteries electronics wtf - 5811257856
Created by Unknown
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