There, I Fixed It

Electrical tape

Peanut Phone Charger

cell phone Electrical tape nokia peanut phone phone - 5895881216
By Philip

The Case Broke the First Time I Dropped It...

iphone Electrical tape there I fixed it - 7957805824
By Olle Johansson

It's Aerodynamic

antenna cars funny there I fixed it Electrical tape - 7756151040
By Unknown

Give Me My Data Back!

computers solder Electrical tape funny there I fixed it - 7723741696
By dasnoboarder

The GSM to WiFi Hotspot Solution - Low Signal Area Edition

android Electrical tape internet ladder signal wifi - 6551621888
By Unknown

Power saving mouse switch!

computer Electrical tape mouse unnecessary - 4348081408
By Unknown


boat Electrical tape not intended use tools - 2971751936
By Zvi Herman

Redneck remote control

battery Electrical tape lazy remote - 3337131008
By Unknown

Electrical Tape Spray-Painted to "Match"

cars Electrical tape funny spray paint - 7659625728
By FelineRanger
cabinet Electrical tape Video - 18574337

Problem Solved!

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Good Enough

Electrical tape showers there I fixed it - 7986394368
By mattq27


camping Electrical tape rain tent - 3586270208
By Unknown

What's More Surprising: That This Can Still Receive Calls or That it's Not a Smart Phone?

repairs cell phones Electrical tape funny - 7537500672
By Unknown

Makeshift Bike Light

bikes Electrical tape flashlight there I fixed it g rated - 7905505536
By Roy

Plumbing Fix

plumbing soda bottles Electrical tape there I fixed it - 7845529344
By devildog052111


Electrical tape holding it up outlet plug tape - 3654594304
By Unknown
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