There, I Fixed It

electrical fire

Never Travel Without Your Coathanger and Pliers

apple products dangerous electrical fire electricity ipod Travel - 4758320384
Created by Xoxidburger

Come For The Hummus, Stay For The Blackouts

electrical fire meme Professional At Work - 5047639040
Created by Snake73

Friggin' Outlets, How Do They Work?

electrical fire gifs outlet - 5435077376
Created by Unknown

I Think I See The Problem

electrical fire overkill tax dollars at work wires - 5473367040
Created by Unknown

Wood Age Computing at Its Finest

bad puns computer case computer repair electrical fire woody - 4861458944
Created by Unknown

What a Leech

electrical fire electricity outlet stupidity - 5277226240
Created by Unknown

Mr. Fluffikins! What Did You Do?!

animals Cats electrical fire electricity wiring - 4725155840
Created by murilo_silva

We're Upgrading Our Tubes, It May Take a While

electrical fire overkill server wires - 5398259968
Created by Virgil

Adapter FAIL

dangerous electrical fire electricity power strip tape - 4743006976
Created by Unknown

Prepared For The Inevitable

electrical fire electricity safety first - 3782595072
Created by Unknown

Technically, It's ATX Compliant

computer case electrical fire MAD SCIENCE - 5350306304
Created by Langly

Try Jiggling The White Wire

electrical fire Professional At Work wires - 4388014336
Created by Ea

What's a Circuit Limit?

electrical fire electricity power strip - 4857960704
Created by Red_Squirrel ( Via )

After 20 Minutes it Doubles as a Heater

electrical fire g rated Hall of Fame laziness lightbulb safety first there I fixed it - 5764640768
Created by Unknown

I Think I Found The Problem. Everything.

electrical fire Professional At Work wires - 4395662336
Created by Léo

How To Start a Fire 101

cables electrical fire messy safety first - 5250730752
Created by deivisvieira
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